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Welcome to the dawn of a new era at the Watch Connaisseur Project, where innovation and renewal are our guiding principles.


Drawing from the lessons of the past, we stand at the threshold of a future brimming with endless possibilities. As we embark on this exciting journey, we are poised to paint the canvas of tomorrow with boldness and ambition.


Our vision is to humbly ignite innovation within the watchmaking world. Through concepts, private label solutions, and unique watch brands, we nurture new ideas without pretension, fostering collaboration over competition. Our passion extends to all, sharing expertise, driving projects, and making the watchmaking experience accessible to everyone who shares our love for time.



Incubate and cultivate distinctive watch brands, innovative concepts, and projects, embracing a 'spin off by design' philosophy.

Drive relentless innovation and unwavering excellence in the art of watchmaking.

Actively engage with and nurture the global community of watch enthusiasts, fostering a culture of collaboration and sharing.

Ensure sustained financial growth and long-term sustainability through strategic investments and initiatives.

Safeguard, optimize, and ethically leverage our intellectual properties, reinforcing our commitment to innovation.

Provide tailor-made, high-quality watchmaking services and products, celebrating craftsmanship and technology.


Join us as we unveil a range of new brands under the WCP banner, marking the beginning of an extraordinary adventure.

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